karen alpert entous

Trainscape Series

After viewing and admiring many other artist’s visual journals I got the idea of a different format that would enable me to work directly with watercolors on a high quality paper and capture a scene while traveling. The final results evolved into my Trainscape series. Little did I realize that September 11th would send me on this series. We were on our return trip home from a vacation and ended up on a train from Chicago to Los Angeles. I had brought my watercolors with me and my mind was racing with the horrific events. The images became abstract. Nothing would come into focus as I gazed outside my train compartment. My concentration was on color next to color and a brushstroke that matched the movement of the train. Most recently a train trip from Los Angeles to Seattle produced clearer images, but still blurred and the feeling of movement.

Alaska, July 2002Arizona to New Mexico, January 2003Chicago to Los Angeles, September 2001Los Angeles to Seattle, July 2002Los Angeles to Seattle II, July 2002Los Angeles to Seattle II - detail 1, July 2002Los Angeles to Seattle II - detail 2, July 2002Los Angeles to Seattle III, July 2002Los Angeles to Seattle IV, July 2002Sanderson, TX, January 2003Texas to Florida, January 2003