karen alpert entous
Karen Alpert Entous

Karen Alpert Entous has been painting watercolors and creating greeting cards from her paintings since her visit to China in 1989. Here you’ll find a variety of her artwork as well as recent photos she’s selling as photo greeting cards and matted prints. Please feel free to browse the website and don’t hesitate to contact karen if you have any comments or questions.

“Painting has become my personal reality. The medias may change from watercolor, pen and ink, collage, oil or soft pastels, however, each painting has merit and stands on its own. Adding more colors inspires me. I am discovering and get lost in the process. When I stand back and view the results, I have my ah ah moments. When the audience views my work they relate to their own personal experiences and that is rewarding. The feedback I receive has only encouraged me to continue.”

Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, artist Karen Alpert Entous has been involved in arts and crafts since childhood. She is a long time resident of Southern California and currently has her own card company under the name kae.