Paint Love Draw II

an exhibition by Artist Co-op 7

Sunday, July 16 2017, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Paint Love Draw II an exhibition by Artist Co-op 7
Karen Alpert Entous

Karen Alpert Entous has been painting watercolors and creating greeting cards from her paintings since her visit to China in 1989. Here you’ll find a variety of her artwork as well as recent photos she’s selling as photo greeting cards and matted prints. Please feel free to browse the website and don’t hesitate to entous [at] pacbell [.] net if you have any comments or questions.

“It is my role as an artist to lead the viewer into the painting and evoke the visual senses and memories. What I see is real, but what I paint or do with the information evolves into another image, a kind of personal reality. The work takes on a life of it’s own of playfulness and serenity. I am responding to color and the watercolor media lends itself to exploration. I have a sense of location, a point of view. Then I incorporate the use of geometric construction.”

Graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, artist Karen Alpert Entous has been involved in arts and crafts since childhood. She is a long time resident of Southern California and currently has her own card company under the name kae